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Splash - Danielle's Merchandising

Hi Everyone just to let you know that I have added some new Pearl bracelets and the silver snowflake elasticated bracelet is now back in stock! I have also added a thinner snowflake elasticated bracelet which is a little darker called the Antique snowflake bracelet.

There is also a snowflake necklace, bracelet and earring set and a lovely new crystal teardrop pendant on a rose gold chain.

Also back in stock is the Black Neon friendship bracelet.

There is new stock arriving from the USA in a couple of weeks so make sure you keep coming back.

Danielle x

Hi Everyone welcome to my site. I have just added some new fashion jelly bags which I used on my holidays to Vegas! they were fantastic, my sun cream leaked and I was able to just wipe the inside of the bag clean and it was like new again! I also took it to all the pool parties were the bags obviously got wet but yet again nothing inside was damaged due to the fact that they are jelly! Hope you like them not many in stock now as we had a rush last night. Love Danielle x

Hi Everyone I just wanted to update you on our new postal prices. We have used royal mail for years now but unfortunately their prices have increased substantially. As we would have to add this onto our postage we have decided to use a new courier service which is much cheaper. Unfortunately we are unable to use NEXT DAY DELIVERY with the post office as it is too expensive and its more expensive on a Saturday. If you would require any prices for next day delivery we can obtain these from our courier services but this would be by request only so please email us from our website and ask for a price. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused for those of you who have placed an order and requested NEXT DAY DELIVERY however we are trying to keep the cost down for all our customers. thanks Love Danielle xx
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