The 10 Day Ketones Challenge (Caffeine Free 1 Drink per Day)


Thanks so much for showing an interest in my 10 day challenge.

The challenge consists of 1 drink a day with a variety of yummy flavours.

Decaffeinated ketones 

For maximum fat loss we recommend a low carb diet. This is easy as Ketones reduce cravings and appetite while giving you energy!

Benefits include;
Fat loss
Improved sleep
Fierce focus
Better mood
Better sleep
Better digestion
Clear skin
No more brain fog

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With my 10 day challenge you are closer to becoming the best version of you! I can't wait for you to feel as good as I do on ketones. Please join my challenge group on Instagram @miss.ketones and tag me in your progress.

Lets all experience better together!

Love Danielle x

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